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over 13 years ago

Join Steve Wozniak, Tim Westergren, Robert Stephens and many others for the first Free the TV Developer Day

On Tuesday Aug 31st, we will hold our first Free The TV Developer Day in San Jose, California . For developers interested in the new smart TV space, this will be a great opportunity to meet like minded developers, hear from people who are already succeeding in this new space, check out demos of Samsung Apps, and get detailed training on the Samsung SDK.

We have some fantastic guests joining us to speak at the event. One of the apps I find myself using most often is Pandora, and Tim Westergren, the company founder, will be there to speak about how Pandora is successfully embracing the PC screen, the mobile phone, and now the TV screen. Robert Stephens, another amazingly successful company founder, will also join us. He started Geek Squad in college and grew it to the world’s largest tech support operation, and is now the CTO of Best Buy.

And talking about company founders, I am incredibly excited to announce that Steve Wozniak—Woz—will join us for a “fireside chat” with me. Do you have questions that you’ve always wanted to ask him about entrepreneurship, apps, or whether the Zaltair was really better than the Apple I? Send me your advice on what questions to ask him at .

Another great technologist joining is us Chuck Pagano, the CTO of ESPN. Chuck impressed me tremendously from the first time I met him. He shepherded ESPN through their transition from regular to HD broadcasts and is currently managing their transition to 3D, not to mention Apps.

Finally, we’ll have CNET’s editor at large, and former radio personality, Brian Cooley join us to talk about trends in apps and smart TV. And did I mention that we’ll also be giving away 50 app-enabled Samsung Blu-ray to attendees!

It’s going to be an interesting and productive day for anyone thinking of participating in the Free the TV Challenge. Rsvp to join me there .