about 13 years ago

Announced today: Over 1 Million Downloads of Samsung TV Apps

Today we announced that we hit 1 million downloads of Samsung TV apps—an industry first!  This milestone is great news for developers as it shows the momentum behind our platform, and the huge consumer desire for Smart TV Apps.

You can see some of the news coverage from CrunchGear,  Gadget VenuePC WorldLCDTV.net,Ubergizmo.

For all the many great partners who have developed apps for our platform, we thank you for your support.  For the rest of the developers out there who are coding right now--we look forward to seeing the innovative apps…

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over 13 years ago

Voting Open! Thank You to All the Developers Who Submitted Apps – and Good Luck!

We've heard from many developers over the past weeks, and I really appreciate everyone's excitement and enthusiasm about Samsung's Smart TV platform.  

We received a fantastic set of apps as submissions to the contest. I can tell that all of you who participated thought deeply about the potential of building apps for a 50 inch screen (as opposed to a 3 inch mobile screen), including key TV capabilities such as: high definition, 3-D, streaming video, and interaction between the TV and the mobile phone.  

With that said, voting has begun! Make sure to spread the word to your…

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over 13 years ago

Come and meet Samsung at the Adobe Max Conference (Los Angeles 25-27 October)

Samsung will be part of the Adobe Max Conference in Los Angeles October 25-27. We will have a presence on the show floor. Come and drop by at the Samsung booth (#425) or join the Samsung sessions!

Tuesday October 26th, 2010, 1:30pm, Room 512


Olivier Manuel, Director of Content

Free the TV - TheNew Opportunity in TV Applications

Description: Until recently, TVs needed help from other devices in order to run software applications. But finally, Samsung is freeing the TV, with its Samsung Apps line of televisionsand Blu-ray devices, which can download, install, and run apps natively.Samsung Apps…

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over 13 years ago

Experience Samsung Apps at the NY Video Meetup on Oct 4th in New York City

It was a pleasure to meet many of you at the first Free the TV Developer Day in San Jose!  We had over 350 developers and press in attendance and were thrilled with the enthusiasm for this new market for TV Apps.

The highlight for me was definitely when Steve Wozniak got a copy of the SDK on a USB drive and said he was ready to go home and start coding apps right away

For those of you on the east coast who were not at the event, there is a great opportunity coming up to see a…

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over 13 years ago

Join Steve Wozniak, Tim Westergren, Robert Stephens and many others for the first Free the TV Developer Day

On Tuesday Aug 31st, we will hold our first Free The TV Developer Day in San Jose, California . For developers interested in the new smart TV space, this will be a great opportunity to meet like minded developers, hear from people who are already succeeding in this new space, check out demos of Samsung Apps, and get detailed training on the Samsung SDK.

We have some fantastic guests joining us to speak at the event. One of the apps I find myself using most often is Pandora, and Tim Westergren, the company founder, will be there to speak about…

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over 13 years ago

Introducing the Samsung Free the TV Challenge

In the past few years, the smart phone came of age, bringing huge new opportunities for developers.  Meanwhile, there has been a more quiet revolution in TVs: they are getting smarter too.

My team ushered in the smart TV era for Samsung in 2008 with InfoLink, the first RSS-feed TV.  In 2009, we followed up with the first Widget TV, and added on video streaming services like Blockbuster and Amazon VOD.  Finally, in March of this year, we launched the first TVs and Blu-ray players with a built-in app store: Samsung Apps.  Samsung Apps is built into all 2010 Samsung…

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